Picturesque , beautiful, warm, delightful. All words that float off the tongue when describing Florence. It  was one of the major reasons for me choosing to travel to Italy and I was not disappointed. From the historic buildings, the friendly atmosphere, and the ease of getting around, all  made sure that Florence is a place […]

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The capital of fashion, a compulsive shoppers heaven, and hustlers on every tourist hotspot. Where else could I be talking about other than Milan? The trumping of musical tones and the traditional Ryanair tannoy of “Congratulations on surviving your flight” or something like that, is what greeted me to Milan. As I left my my […]

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Italy Here I Come

So I have finally scraped together enough money to fund my passion to get lost in foreign cities, and most likely become involved in a stabbing or mugging, and if I am really lucky maybe both. Where I have chosen for this unique experience you might ask, and the answer to that important question would be Italy. For those […]

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