The city of good patter, Irn bru, and the spiritual home of Buckfast, where other than the gem that is Glasgow could I be talking about.  It was only five months ago that I made the move from my home in the Isle of Raasay, to the city of Glasgow. The reason? to study Journalism. […]

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My Time In Italy

And so it is done. My first travelling trip, and it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. As I lay in bed on my beautiful yet isolated Hebridean isle on the fringes of Scotland, dreaming of setting out on so many foreign adventures, I truly had no clue as to what […]

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Layers upon layers of history, the birthplace of one of the greatest empires in history. A city that saw monumental buildings, rulers and power rise and fall, but still withstood the test of time. Still alive and still great today, it truly is the eternal city. Of all the beautiful and fascinating places I was […]

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A city buried for thousands of years, a city that suffered a tragedy, that became a historical miracle, a city of death and a city of preservation. The city of Pompeii. Pompeii is a place I have wanted to visit since the first time I learned of it. An actual piece of history, alive in […]

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Glistening canals, breath-taking buildings and surely the most bridges ever constructed in one city. Venice truly is unlike any place I have ever seen. My home Island of Raasay is full of beauty, but it is natural beauty. Where as Venice is positively filled to bursting with man-made beauty. The city is a marvel of […]

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Picturesque , beautiful, warm, delightful. All words that float off the tongue when describing Florence. It  was one of the major reasons for me choosing to travel to Italy and I was not disappointed. From the historic buildings, the friendly atmosphere, and the ease of getting around, all  made sure that Florence is a place […]

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