Premature Introduction

If you are reading this then I am dead… Not really, I just wanted to freak you out and grab your attention. If you are still reading I’m going to assume it worked and you are lucky ones who get to witness the joy of my unique fusion of humour, Love, anger, insight and all things wonderful, that makes my writing what it is. Aww this blogs gonna be like steroids for my ego.

I should give you a little introduction about myself – I am an 18-year-old Scottish man just about to finish my exams, and go out into the world and become ‘a responsible adult’. And instead of focusing and revising for my exams, I’ve  chosen to spend my time making this blog. Before you say it, I already know what you are thinking, “wow that boy’s really got his priorities straight.” But the plan for my adult life does rely on this blog quite a bit.

I am planning on going to university for a journalism degree, and because I was as about as focused in school as Donald Trump is at maintaining world peace, I could do with fattening my C.V up a bit. And  I want to go into travelling journalism, so I decided I should go travelling around the world telling you all about it.

Now the reason this introduction is premature is because I have about £20 to my name. So this blog will only really serve any purpose after I have saved up money for my travels. But I was bored so thought I’d make the blog right now and give the internet some warning before I degrade it with my inevitably drunken adventures across the globe.

I will probably make a few more posts before I set of travelling with updates on how close I am to heading off, and if I have decided on where I should start my travels, so if anyone has suggestions just leave them in the comments. And I think that’s it really, my first blog post and you can think of it what you will. So see you later on.

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