Italy Here I Come

So I have finally scraped together enough money to fund my passion to get lost in foreign cities, and most likely become involved in a stabbing or mugging, and if I am really lucky maybe both. Where I have chosen for this unique experience you might ask, and the answer to that important question would be Italy.

For those out there curious like some of the others I have told, who wonder why I am going to Italy, seemingly finding it odd that I being 18 would not much rather the likes of Ibiza or Magaluf. I will tell you what I told them, that  I simply adore history and have always wanted to see the beautiful ruins and cities that you will find in Italy. And also if I wanted to get blind drunk and catch a plethora of STDs then I would just go to Paisley.

So on the 16th of October I am off to Italy. Flying out from Edinburgh to Milan I am planning on getting around as much as I can, certainly visiting Rome, Pompia and Florence which are three places I have always wanted to visit. And hopefully  include Venice and Piza in the mix. But my plans could change when I am over there depending on the time I spend in each city and also on certain people I might meet and decide to tag along with. I am also travelling on my own, which I always find funny when I hear the reaction of the people I tell ” Oh that’s amazing” “look at you” “Your so brave” as if I have actually somehow cured cancer and not done what I thought I had done – simply booked a flight online.

I will most likely do one post on each city I visit maybe more depending on my experience of the place, and then do an overall summary on my travels in Italy.

Right now I am just brimming with excitement on finally getting off and travelling. More than anything curious as to what it will actually entail. As right now I have nothing to contend with other than my wild imagination, that has such trip highlights of bumping into the pope and a budding bromance ensues, or somehow accidentally joining the mafia when I fall in love with a Don’s daughter.

But even if it all goes titts-up and I wake up in some hospital or prison screaming at doctors or guards “I’m from Scotland” in a mildly racist Italian accent, or If realistically have a more normal travelling trip, I will just be happy with the experience I had and that I got out into the world. Which I could only see as improving me as a person and making me more capable of facing life. I think that’s just about everything for this post, so I guess I’ll talk to you again when I am in Milan, see you then.




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